Finally, Details About Beyoncé’s Push Party Have Emerged

Once the Beyhive got word that Beyoncé had a push party for her then unborn twins they were ecstatic. They were hopefully waiting for party details, baby details really any details about the pregnancy. Artsy Instagrams will only satisfy us for so long Bey!

Push parties are very similar to baby showers except they’re usually for when it’s your second or third kid. Typically baby showers are females only, but push parties are a mixed event. But of course we know that because Jay-Z was there.

La La Anthony who is very close friends with Beyoncé was at her push party. This week while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen he pressed Bey’s friend about the secretive push party. She didn’t answer all of his questions, but the ones she did answer are juicy.

Anthony said “it was like a backyard BBQ” and that they had “the most amazing food.” She also said that Blue Ivy was there and was visibly very excited to become an older sister. When asked about the sexes of the twins she said she didn’t know and that she also didn’t remember any of the speeches given.

Anthony did reveal that Tina Knowles Lawson was totally lit at the party. Cohen asked “on a scale of 1-10 how turnt up did Tina Knowles get?” and she answered “50.” I guess Lawson is just excited to be a grandma again.

Anthony is a good friend for not gossiping on Bey’s private life, but we want more!

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