The Best Places To Stock Up On Clothes For Your Summer Internship

So, we’re about one month deep into summer at this point. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already cycled through most of the clothes that you bought when you first got your internship and really don’t want to be an outfit repeater. Also if you are like me, you are on a tight budget and enjoy going out to dinner more than someone with just a summer babysitting income should and you can’t be going out to all the big stores to do all your shopping.

Well, we are all in luck because while it sometimes feels easier to just go to the big stores, there are lots of second-hand stores with lots of different options on where you can go instead.

1. Plato’s Closet

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Plato’s Closet is like a more upscale, more young adult-oriented version of Goodwill or Salvation Army.

They only take clothes with a certain level of name brand, including Lucky, Billabong, Brandy Melville, True Religion, American Eagle and others of that same caliber.

Another plus: Plato’s Closet is that they only accept clothes that are really good quality and clean.

If you have some clothes hanging around your closet that you never wear, you can also sell your clothes to Plato’s. Of the clothes that you bring in, if they don’t buy all of them from you, they will donate the rest of them to a homeless shelter for you.

2. TJ Maxx

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TJ Maxx is a great option if you are not thrilled with the idea of wearing clothes that someone else has already worn before.

TJ Maxx sells designer brands for way cheaper prices, mostly due to the fact that the stuff they sell is last season. It is the type of place where you really have to try your luck and just go in. One week you might find one thing you like and the next week you will walk out with five bags stuffed full.

Additionally, the merchandise differs greatly between each store, so if you find a store that has stuff you love, make sure to keep going there.

Once, at my favorite TJ Maxx, I found a pair of in-season Steve Madden sandals that retailed for $120 and I got them for $25. It really is just about luck.

3. Tobi


Tobi is actually my secret weapon and I feel like I am sharing my biggest secret by telling you about this website. It is only online. At first, Tobi appears to be one of those infamously sketchy websites likes Zaful because the prices are so reasonable.

They sell tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, intimates, accessories and I have never seen anything on the site more expensive than $50. Their prices are ridiculously reasonable to begin with but they are made even better by the fact that almost every day they run a different promotion like 50% off new arrivals or 30% off the entire website.

There is also free shipping and returns on anything over $50 and great customer service.

4. Nordstrom Rack

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If you are looking something on the high-end side, look at Nordstrom Rack. I have noticed that they don’t have as many designer labels as you might assume, but they do have clothes that look good for really affordable prices.

They also have a great selection of sunglasses, jewelry, and bags — all designer — sold at really reasonable prices.

With this list now at your disposal, I think it’s time to go out and treat yourself. Live your #yopro dreams.

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