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This Canadian Baby Is the First In The World With No Documented Gender


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Our society is coming further and further in recognizing that “male” and “female” are not the only gender identities that exist. Non-gendered bathrooms are becoming more widespread. States like Oregon and Washington, D.C. are issuing gender-neutral drivers’ licenses.

And now, one non-binary person in British Columbia, Canada is resisting the expectation that parents must put “male” or “female” on their child’s birth certificates, Teen Vogue reports.

Parent Kori Doty’s child, Searyl Atli, was born in November and still has no birth certificate: the government refuses to issue one without a gender and their healthcare reads “U” (undetermined) in place of “M” or “F.” Searyl is, as far as anyone knows, the first baby in the world to have this type of documentation, BBC reports.

Doty has applied for a judicial review to get a non-gendered birth certificate and they have brought a case to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal asking for the option to omit gender on all government documents, Teen Vogue reports.

Doty wants to raise Searyl “as a baby” with “all the love and support…outside of the restrictions that come withe the boy box and the girl box.”

Non-binary people exist and have the right to be seen for who they are and who they identify as in every facet of life, official or otherwise.

Doty’s argument makes perfect sense: “When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life,” they told CBC in an interview. “Those assumptions were incorrect, and I ended up having to do a lot of adjustments since then.”

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