This Queer Teen’s Viral Bathroom Selfie Makes An Amazing Statement About Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Having a safe space to use and to feel comfortable in, whether it be a bathroom or a bedroom, is a basic human right, one that many queer and trans teens don’t always have access to.

Teenager Julissa Emile is addressing that with an incredible group selfie that has gone viral on Twitter. While at a poetry slam competition in Chicago, Emile took a mirror-selfie in a gender neutral bathroom. She then posted three more successive selfies, and in each one more and more people are in the photo, posing, smizing, and altogether redefining the cliched term “squad goals.”

“A gender neutral bathroom but every time I take a picture more queer people get in the photo,” she captioned the tweet, and the Internet is obsessed. The tweet has garnered nearly 55,000 likes and half as many retweets, and is becoming a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride online.

“Personally, I think gender-neutral bathrooms are a necessity,” she told BuzzFeed. “Everyone deserves the right to exist in a public space.” Emile also reported that every person in the iconic selfie is queer.

The photos are heartwarming and inclusive, and the overwhelming response shows the power Gen. Y and Z have to affect progress in this world.

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