This Couple Celebrates Every Anniversary By Adopting Another Dog

Neydi Romero and her husband of three years, Carlos, have quite possibly the cutest tradition of all time. The couple celebrates their anniversary every year by getting a new dog. Their third anniversary just happened, so they are now up to three dogs. Neydi told BuzzFeed News that this “tradition” was really just a coincidence. Talk about the cutest coincidence that ever happened. Her sister posted about their tradition on her Twitter account.

Their three dogs are named Captain, Teddy and Chewy, the newest of the pack. “For our first anniversary, Carlos brought in Captain without telling me,” Neydi said. “Then for the second anniversary, we brought in Teddy. Me and Carlos were talking about how we get a dog every single year and we were talking about continuing the tradition.”

Twitter Dogs

Captain (left) and Teddy (right)

Initially, Neydi didn’t want Chewy but once she saw the condition of the the shelter that he was at she knew they had to adopt him. “He wasn’t very safe, so we decided to bring him in,” Neydi said. Growing up she wasn’t allowed to have a dog, but now she is an adult and is living her dream! Truly an inspiration.

twitter dog

Teddy the newest dog

Twitter is dying over the couple’s cute fluffy tradition.

But most importantly, Neydi wants to remind people that dogs are living things and not just presents. Dogs come with a huge amount of responsibility and the Romeros assessed that responsibility before adopting each dog. That’s why they have a cut off year for this tradition, “We are going to try to push ’till our fifth anniversary, and from there we’re going to stop,” Neydi said. Their ultimate goal is to turn their home into a rescue foundation to foster dogs. This couple is truly #goals.

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