Ryan Reynolds Is Helping This Girl Get Revenge On Her Ex








A little Photoshop never hurt anyone… unless you’re Gabi Dunn’s ex boyfriend. Breaking up after prom is shady, but it’s also a classic high school story. All of those perfect prom photos are now a waste because your ex is in basically every picture. Dunn was determined not to let her date ruin her prom photos and tweaked them just a little bit with the help of Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively who?! Just kidding! Seriously, these edited photos are so amazing. If you follow Reynolds on social media, you know he loves a good joke, even if it’s at his expense. Sometimes it seems like his verified account is actually a parody one. Reynolds was thankfully scrolling through his mentions and saw Dunn’s hilarious edited prom photos.

Ugh, did you notice how he said “we”? That’s true love right there. To have your breakup tweet go viral and then elicit a response from Ryan Reynolds himself is crazy. You can bet Gabi’s ex isn’t too pleased. He actually responded to Reynolds’ tweet by saying that he’s not going to see Deadpool 2, instead spending┬áhis money on a Kevin Hart movie.

A measly couple hundred likes is nothing compared to the strong reaction to Dunn’s tweet. She’s moved on to bigger and better things, like Ryan Reynolds, for example. He may be married, but he does have famous, ho,t single friends. We are rooting for you, Gabi.

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