This 92-Year-Old Was The Perfect Flower Girl For Her Granddaughter’s Wedding

Flower girls don’t have to just be the kids anymore. There’s no age limit necessary when it comes to this wedding party.

Newlywed Abby Mershon was recently married and her 92-year-old grandma Georgiana Arlt stepped in as her flower girl. We have to thank Abby Mershon for posting this video of her grandma throwing flowers from her walker at the ceremony.

Grandma Arlt walked down the aisle in a sparkly grey dress and a jacket with a pink flower boutonniere pinned on it. Her walker was decorated with matching pink flowers and pink ribbon, while the flower basket sat perfectly inside of it. Grandma Arlt was serving looks while scattering flowers.

According to People, when Mershon told her grandmother about the idea of her being the flower girl she was ecstatic. “Everyone screamed but [Arlt] shrieks at the top of her lungs,” Mershon said. “She kept saying over and over that she had never been in a wedding before besides for her own. She was so excited.”

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Mershon said that she was defying her friends’ wishes and looked through the window of the clubhouse to see her grandma’s big moment. “I had to look out the window even though people might see me,” she said. “I said I didn’t care and that I had to see this special moment.”

The wedding looked beautiful and filled with love. Grandma Arlt was the perfect flower girl.

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