12 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive In A Long Distance Relationship











Long distance relationships are tough, but sometimes they are unavoidable.

LDRs are never ideal. They are very hard and take a lot of effort, to say the least. The internet age has made it much more feasible, but it’s still no walk in the park. One of the hardest parts of being in an LDR is keeping the romance alive when the majority of your relationship is happening over the phone.

Here are 12 ways to keep your LDR exciting, no matter where you are.

1. Surprise each other.

Take advantage of the fact that most of your time spent together will be visiting one another. Coordinate with your significant other’s friends and catch them off guard with a surprise visit.

2. Send love letters.

Handwritten letters are incredibly romantic. Take advantage of the distance and recreate the epic romances to keep your relationship alive.

3. Take plenty of pictures.

Pictures are a great way to tell someone about your day. Instead of typing out what everything was like, send a picture so your significant other can really see for themselves.

4. Go on virtual date nights.

Skype can do wonders for an LDR. Grab a bottle of wine, make some dinner and sit down for a date night together.

 5. Play games.

LDRs have a tendency to be more serious than the normal relationship because of the limited time you spend to together and the extra effort you have to put into making the relationship last. Make sure you block out time to just have fun and play games together. Whether it’s board games or truth or dare, having a good time will keep the relationship exciting.

6. Watch a show together.

This is a perfect way to spend time doing something together in a low-pressure environment. Pick a show and watch it together. Make sure you stay on the same track so it feels like you are really doing something together.

7. Tell jokes.


One of the most important parts of being in a relationship is making each other laugh. Send each other jokes every day. It will give you something silly to look forward to and it’s an easy and fun way to get a conversation rolling.

8. Talk dirty.

Being sexually frustrated is probably the biggest and most common challenge in an LDR. Being sexually intimate is a huge part of a romantic relationship. If you trust the person you are with, keep your relationship saucy and try your tongue at talking dirty.

9. Make playlists.

Anyone who gives you new music recommendations is the best person. Make playlists for your significant other to listen to when they’re at the gym, going to a pregame, taking a road trip, etc.

10. Switch it up with a bedtime story.

This sounds lame, but sometimes your day was boring and you want to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend before bed but you don’t have much to say. Everyone loves a fun story so switch it up and try telling a cute bedtime story.

11. Give compliments.

It’s easy to forget how your significant other may feel about you when they’re not around all the time. It’s also easy to feel jealous if you see them hanging out with other girls (or guys). Send your boyfriend or girlfriend compliments to make sure they know you still only have eyes for them. Plus, it’s always sweet to hear what other people like about you.

12. Limit how much you talk and embrace time spent apart.

As cheesy as it may sound, you need to give your significant other the space to miss you. Oftentimes in an LDR, there is a pressure to be consistently texting or talking because sometimes it is the only way you get to be with them. But if you’re consistently talking, the conversation may get dry, dull, or boring because nothing new is going on to talk about. It can also make it feel like your conversations are more of an obligation than something you are excited to be participating in.

It’s okay to not talk to your significant other when you’re in an LDR. Trust them and embrace the time you have alone. Independence can sometimes get lost when you’re in a relationship, but the nature of LDR ensures that your own identity does not suffer. Take advantage of the time you have alone to continue to put yourself first and your relationship will become stronger as a result.

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