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Your Dog Actually Does Know If Someone Is A Bad Person, Study Suggests


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If your sweet little fluffernutter doggo  dog takes a disliking to certain people, pay attention: it may be more than random preference.

Researchers found that dogs are more than capable of recognizing whether someone is a nice person, the Metro reports, and furthermore, dogs notice whether people are being nice to one another and respond accordingly.

The Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews journal published research that suggests dogs reward humans who are kind to one another. Researchers came to this conclusion by asking dog owners to pretend to struggle opening a container in front of their dog, and to ask two researchers to help them.

In one scenario, one researcher stands passively while the other is willing to help, and in the second, one stands passively while the other refuses to help.

While in the first scenario dogs would take a treat from either researcher, in the second scenario — when one researcher was rude to their owner — they would shun that researcher, taking a treat from the passive one.

In other words, your dog notices when someone is rude to you and punishes that person. If that isn’t best friendship I don’t know what is.

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