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Instagram captions are low-key hard to come up with and the sad truth is no matter how great the picture may be, your post is only as good as your caption.

It takes a specific sense of humor to really get it right. Its’ got to be relevant, witty and nothing that’s too overused. I don’t know about you, but if I see one more person use that Drake lyric about living for the nights they’ll never remember with they people they won’t forget I am going to throw my phone off a cliff.  Plus, why don’t captions actually tell the story of the night out? Those are always so much more interesting to read than the same old lyrics or some cliche quote we’ve all seen a million times before.

Here are 29 funny and creative captions that actually describe what your night probably looked like. The honesty is refreshing and makes it the perfect fit your next Insta post.

You can always go for simple and honest:

1. “Last night I died.”

2. “Last night was funny.”

3. “We tried to get the bus to drop us off at home before it left for the bars.”

4. “Well then, that was an adventure.”

5. “We sat on our nasty floor for this.”

For those times you were so dedicated to getting the right lighting… or maybe your feet were just too damn tired to be standing.

6. “Where am i lol?! lol what’s going on!?”

We’ve all had a night filled with utter confusion.

7. “Sometimes you leave the library and shit happens.”

8. Use a funny quote from the night.

As real as it gets.

Be bold and tell the story of your night.


9. “Apparently, last night [list all the random things that happened].”

10. “Hypothetical situation: you [do this ] maybe you  [did this] maybe [this too] maybe you [did this] after..hypothetically.”

Just fill in the blanks and tell the story of the random sequence of events that turned into your night.

“11. Went with a bang (aka put the incredibly lame thing you did last night like falling asleep into your cheesy bread and not even making it out).

12. “We promised [this], but [the exact opposite] happened, so here we are.”

Give your friends life updates.

13. “Just so you know I found my phone.”

We’ve all been here.

14. “Proof I’m alive and well also that I’m [fill in something relevant]”

15. Life update: the other night I [did this stupid thing] Shoutout to [@whatever friend] for swooping in and saving the day. #RealMVP

16. “Smiling bc we thought it would be a good idea to drunkenly clean last night and now our house is spotless and all is good in the world.”

Here are some good go-to’s if you and your BFF took a fire picture together:

new years eve party


17. “Package deal circa [year you met.]”

18. “Just chillin’ nada mas.”

19. “Name a more dynamic duo.”

20. “Lol we took a selfie and now you’re seeing it cus tbh we look gud.”


And for those unfortunate circumstances where the only picture you have from the night is absolutely atrocious.

20. “I promise it gets cuter the longer you look at it.”

Does it?

For those nights you really consumed to much drank.

what to do valentine's day single

21. “[@friend] I dedicate this to you”

For those stellar chugging photos.

22. “My name is blurry face and I don’t care what you say”

The weeknd never lets us down.

23. “In the end, it was the McDonald’s that killed us”

For the infamous 21 birthday

Source: Spoon University

24. “21 but gonna get carded till I’m 50”

25. “The bouncer seemed really confused when over the course of one night I moved from Ohio to New York City.”

Of course, put in relevant states for you.

For syllabus week:

26. “This [bizarre thing] and picture are all I have to show for welcome week.”

27. “This week got us feelin’ sylly”

For the end of the year

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Grey Goose)

28. “When your best friend is graduating and you forget how to emotion.”

29. “And one day soon it shall be this lit again.”



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