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Hillary Duff May Be Dropping New Music Soon


Hillary Duff may be planning for some new music!

Duff visited Buzzfeed with costar, Sutton Foster, and they played a game of Jenga Truth or Dare where the star gave her longtime fans some hope that her singing career may be making a comeback.

When asked if she had plans for new music or maybe even a tour, Duff responded, “I don’t have any plans for new music this year.”

This year.

She followed up with statement and a devious smile, “But there’s always next year.”

Seems suspicious. But we will happily take that suspicion with the possibility that Duff may have some new music coming.

She even commented on the legendary Disney Channel commercial with the wand ID. Her multiple takes went viral last year because it was so cringeworthy. Duff told the real story behind the advertisement.

“They were all half-ass! I had been there all day.They made us do it like 900 times. And I think I lost all personality at that point. Plus, I was, like, a pubescent teen- I was like, ‘What are they making me do, this is invisible.’ But Raven-Symone was nailing it!”

Duff admitted that whenever she sees it, she can’t help but laugh. “It’s like Hillary with a lot of attitude. Like, ‘What are they making me do?’ But now I’m happy to do it, because that was hilarious.”

But Disney Channel Hillary Duff remains in the past.  She has really grown since her Lizzie McGuire days, but she did recreate the iconic ad for Buzzfeed. 

Now we’ll just sit here and patiently wait for her new music.

This is what dreams are made of.

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