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Teen Uses Her Lifetime Of Luck & Wins The Lottery Twice In One Week



I pass by a lotto stand every day on my way to work. Let me tell you, I’ve spent more money than I’ll willingly admit trying to win big. Sometimes the lotto feels like a big scam. Does anyone actually win these? Is there some magic number sequence I’m missing?

Turns out that I’ve been playing the wrong lotto game. Rosa Dominguez, a lucky teen hailing from California, recently won the lottery not once, but twice in one week. Still not impressed? Her payout was $655,555.

Give me a moment while I scream into the endless abyss that is my wallet.

According to ABC, Dominguez first bought a scratch-off ticket from a gas station. That first win won her a total of $555,555 dollars.

“I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” She told the California Lottery.

Hold on, I have to scream again. This time I’m staring at my staggering student loan balance.

Still running off some nerves and the victory high, Dominquez tried her luck at another scratch-off ticket at a different gas station a couple days later. Lo and behold, she won big again. This time she won $100,000. Can I have some of that luck? Or did she just use up all her luck for her lifetime?

The California State Lottery said that she bought a $5 Power 5’s ticket from the Eagle Energy gas station in Paso Robles and a $5 Lucky Fortune ticket from a Valero gas station in Monterey County. The Lottery Office did not reveal when she purchased the tickets, but they did report that she already collected her money. I mean, if it were me that would be the first thing I do (after recovering from the shock of winning). Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that she won, but you can’t blame me for being green with envy. The most I’ve ever won was $50 in a scratch-off ticket, and I had to give my mom the winnings.

Dominguez later shared that she would like to go shopping and purchase a new car with her winnings.

What would you do if you won the jackpot?


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