5 Questions We Need Answered In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2









When I finished season one of Netflix’s Stranger Things, I was ready to binge watch the next season, but it didn’t exist because life is cruel! Since Stranger Things came out, it has obtained a cult-like following and so many accolades. For months, fans have been waiting for any clues about the second season. The show had an epic Super Bowl commercial announcing when season two would come out, but today the show announced a new season two release date with a poster. The second season will be able to stream on October 27.

Netflix released an official synopsis of season two that says, “It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, are still reeling form the horrors of the Demagorgon and the secrets of the Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.” These are all the questions I’ve had since season 1 ended that I need to be answered in season two. Don’t even get me started on the season two episode names.

1. Where is Eleven?


I don’t care what anyone says, Eleven is the star of the show. Screw Barb. Season one ended with Eleven saving Mike and co. from the Demogorgon monster. She basically evaporated when she defeated the monster. It was so badass that it took you awhile to realize what happened to her. What would Strangers Things be without Eleven? Honestly, it would not be as good. The episode ended with Hopper dropping off a box of Eggos in the woods, which is her favorite food. So, where is she?! The portal for the Upside Down is in the woods, so maybe she’s hiding there. The season two synopsis said, “a bigger, sinister entity still threaten those who survived.” If there’s an entity more evil than the Demagorgon around the corner how will it be defeated? The Demagorgon made Eleven evaporate, so how will Eleven and all the other pre-teens of Hawkins defeat this thing?  Eleven wasn’t on the season two poster. What does that mean?! I have questions within my questions.

2. Is Hawkins Laboratory over?


Remember when Hopper and Joyce went into the Upside Down and messed shit up?! It was iconic. But in their aftermath of questionable risky decision the Hawkins Laboratory got destroyed. Trust me I’m not mourning the lab, it’s where Eleven was tortured by her own father Dr. Brenner. But speaking of the monster who doesn’t live in the Upside Down, Dr. Brenner might not be dead. The Duff brothers, who are the creators of the show hinted that he may be alive. They said, “If that was his death, that would be very unsatisfying…He would deserve much more than that as an ending.” Then they said, “There’s a possibility of seeing him again.” EXCUSE ME. Why are they playing us like this? The only way this is okay is if Eleven serves him some sweet sweet karma.

3. What is going on with Will?


Will the boy who caused it all and is low-key always forgotten. He survived the Upside Down, got rescued by his mom and Hopper and reunited with his friends. Great, whatever Will, thanks for the mess. But then at the end of the last episode he excuses himself from the dinner table, goes into the bathroom and starts throwing up slimy gross slugs and is hallucinating the Upside Down. WHEN WILL THIS BOY STOP?! But seriously this isn’t Harry Potter so what gives with the vomiting slugs? Is Will a demi-monster? Like a demigod but evil? Will he get more screen time in season two? WHO KNOWS.

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4. Is Hopper a bad guy?


I love Hopper’s ‘I don’t know what to do with my emotions because of gendered masculinity, so I’m going to act mean, even though I’m a softy” vibe. I dig it. But remember in the last episode when Hopper made a deal with the workers at Hawkins Lab, so him and Joyce could go into the Upside Down? He sold out Eleven’s location to rescue Will (and maybe get into Joyce’s pants. I ship it that’s for sure.) So you think okay that’s it very simple trade off. Well nothing is ever simple in Hawkins, Indiana. At the end of the season, Hopper gets into a black tinted car, which is probably a government car. Why is he still working with them? Has he always worked with them? Did he drop off the Eggos to Eleven because he feels bad for being a snitch? Also, don’t forget earlier in the season when he was snooping around Hawkins Lab and he got drugged and brought back to his trailer. Is that important? Is his daughter’s death relevant to his character arch and plot line? Hopper please stop being mysterious and open up a bit.

5. Are you Team Steve or Team Jonathan?


Nancy, we get it you’re hot and versatile. You can snag the most popular boy in school and the artsy loner boy. You’re the Serena van der Woodsen of Hawkins. But come on, picking Steve instead of Jonathan at the end of season one? YOU WENT TO THE UPSIDE DOWN WITH JONATHAN. He also beat the crap out of Steve. Steve had a few good swings against the Demagorgon monster and all of the sudden it’s like ‘Jonathan who?’ The love triangle isn’t dead, though. In the year after epilogue, Nancy gave Jonathan a camera. I know that sounds mundane but it’s a symbol of their relationship and what brought them together. I don’t think Steve’s hair is luscious enough to get in the way of true love.

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