This Mom Wore A Bikini To Demonstrate Body Positivity To Her Daughter

The idea of a “bikini body” is a controversial one. For some, a bikini body is overrated while others use it as a way to shame others at the beach or pool. The only way to get rid of the unhealthy “bikini body” mindset is if everyone with different body types rocks a bikini. That’s easier said than done because sometimes wearing a bikini can be scary as heck.

Adrian Wood faced her fear of bikinis to teach her eight-year-old daughter Blair the importance of body confidence. Her daughter was telling her that her school friends have started comparing how much they weigh with one another. Again, they are only eight.

Adrian posted her story on her blog’s Facebook page, Tales of an Educated Debutante, and it’s so powerful.

She took her daughter to the beach and wore a bikini for the first time in 15 years to prove that body confidence is more important than what the scale says. Adrian usually goes swimming in a one-piece with a t-shirt over top, so her daughter was shocked to see her mom rocking a two-piece.

Her blog is riddled with body confidence-oriented anecdotes, mostly around how she can better herself so her daughter doesn’t grow up with body image issues.

Preaching body confidence and actually showing body confidence are two different things. Thanks to Adrian, her daughter will know how body confidence actually looks.



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