This Adorable Dance Proposal Tops Every Other Viral Proposal Video

Public marriage proposals don’t have the largest fanbase (I mean, can you blame them? So awkward!), but this one is so cute that it’s the exception to the general rule.

Dancers Phil Wright and Ashley Liai have been together for eight years. The two were in the middle of a dance routine to John Legend’s “You & I (Nobody In The World)” when Wright popped the question.

Surrounded by a slew of dancers towards the end of the routine, Wright pulls out a ring box and gets down on one knee. Liai turns around and… cue all the emotions! She’s crying, he’s beaming and everyone else (myself included) is screaming for joy.

Legend’s song is still playing while Wright asks Liai to marry him. Of course, she said yes.

So precious. Let’s take a closer look at the ring.

Congratulations, but now they have to start choreographing their first dance.


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