This Mom Put Her Own Spin On Beyonce’s First Photo Of The Twins

Daily Mail/Facebook Of Sharon Kellaway

Unless you’re either 100 years old or live in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection, you’ve probably seen Beyonce‘s twin announcement on Thursday.

The Lemonade singer posted a photo of herself holding her tiny tots, Rumi and Sir Carter, in her arms in the same iconic fashion as her previous pregnancy announcement photos. The strikingly beautiful images captured the entire world’s attention.

The pics were so inspiring that women have decided to remake the iconic photos with their own kids to see if they are just as worthy as Queen Bey of reaching their own goddess status. However, for one mom, things didn’t go as smoothly as she expected when she attempted her own Beyonce-inspired photo shoot.

According to an interview with, an Irish mom named Sharon Kellaway decided to announce the birth of her twins, Senan and Zoe, who were born in February, in the same way Beyonce did to prove how “unrealistic the picture was compared to her own life.”

She used her six-year-old daughter as a makeshift photographer and documented her results on her Facebook page (which are absolutely hilarious, btw).

“More from the photo shoot…” wrote the mother of five. “I wonder how many photos Beyonce had to get through to get the right one. My six-year-old took the photos… no qualifications and still did a mighty job.”

The plethora of comically genius pics Kellaway included in her post showed the mom clad in a pink, fuzzy bath robe, Converse sneakers and a veil while holding her twins in a seemingly uncomfortable position any parent I’m sure can relate to.

Regardless of the LOLs these pics provided the internet, they prove that, though not as seamless as Bey’s, Kellaway’s photos are amazing and totally worthy of displaying around her home. Flawless.

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