Is Jake Paul Terrorizing His Neighbors?

Jake Paul has 25 million followers across all of his social media platforms. The Vine star turned actual celebrity is known to pull crazy stunts for a viral video and some extra views. His brother is Logan Paul, one of the first Vine stars ever and a wanna be actor known for his slapstick-style of physical comedy.

The Disney star is currently living in a rental property in West Hollywood and is wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. He is being accused of turning the neighborhood into a “living hell” for the permanent residents.

Jake is 20 years old, so he has a massive posse that hangs around his mansion. He throws parties and films wild content for his channel. Most recently, he set furniture on fire in his backyard. Neighbors said that the flames were so high it reached the top of his house.

The Ohio native couldn’t care less that he is probably the worst person next door. He regularly publicizes his address, causing fans to crowd the street, like the time he had a car wash for fans’ cars right on his street.

In an interview about his rude neighborly behavior with KTLA, he knows he’s not well liked.

Even though Jake said himself that the street has turned into a circus and also said, “it’s a bad situation,” he still won’t change. “There’s nothing we can do, Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there. Dab,” Paul said… and then literally dabbed on the news.

His neighbors are meeting with city leaders, police and code enforcement officials to see if they can file a class action public nuisance lawsuit against Jake and the homeowner.

Jake, we get it. You’re on Disney Channel but you don’t have to act like an actual child.


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