Boyfriend’s Adorable Reaction To Girlfriend’s Selfie Is So Pure

Love at first sight is real as hell for this couple. Rozaline Riordia, 18, and Nathan Urias, 19, have only been together for three months but are so deeply in love with each other.

Yes, the couple is young, but love isn’t an ageist, so stop hating, people.

Last Thursday, the pair went out on a date, as couples do. The date ended and they were texting each other good night as usual. When Urias asked Riordia if she was tired she responded, “No I just want to get the makeup off my face lol” and as a good boyfriend Urias said “you look soooo good. Take selfies.”

Riordia sent him a few selfies and let me tell you, her face is beat. Perfectly contoured, blended eyeshadow and her highlight is making her glow. She told BuzzFeed News that her daily makeup is usually minimal but “[Urias] loves me with makeup and without it all the same.”

That’s not event he cutest part! Urias responded to her selfies by saying “WTF. OH MY. I’m tearing up rn Deadass you’re so beautiful.” To prove he wasn’t lying, which Riordia thought he was, he sent a selfie of himself crying.

Urias’ tears are real, so stop being critical. He said, “She’s beautiful – anybody can see that – and just knowing that I’m with her now and for a very long time to come, filled me with a lot of emotions that came out in tears.” What is it like to be loved that much?!

She shared their texts on Twitter and users are loving the purity of his reaction and the flawlessness her makeup. There are a few haters saying it’s corny or fake, but they are just bitter and need to be in a relationship like these two.

Really hoping these two last forever.


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