This Granddaughter & Grandma Purposely Bought Matching Dresses


Images Courtesy of Twitter

Jenn Miller’s grandma Susan is redefining #GrandmaGoals. No, actually she’s putting the hashtag on the map.

Jenn and her grandma are super close. They told BuzzFeed News that they are always trying to spend time together. Spending time together isn’t the only thing this pair are doing, they are also dressing together.

The pair has a family wedding in September and when Jenn was showing her Grandma her new dress she asked to try it on. Grandma ended up LOVING the dress and said the embroidered sleeves were too cute.

She asked Jenn if she could order the same exact dress for the wedding and Jenn said yes!

The dress is from Boohoo and they should hire these two to model it.

Twitter is loving the cute grandma and granddaughter

Couldn’t have said it better myself! I can’t wait for them to stunt at the family wedding together.

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