Chester Bennington Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Chester Worth Right Now?

Chester Bennington was most famously known as the lead singer of Linkin Park. But Chester was part of many other bands including Stone Temple Pilots. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona and had a rough child hood.

His parents divorced when he was 11 and he started heavily using drugs. He also suffered from sexual abuse from an older male friend from the ages seven to 13. His dad has custody of him until he was 17 and moved in with mother. She wouldn’t let him leave the house when he found out about his drug addiction, which he eventually overcame.

He worked at Burger King before pursuing a career in music.

Chester Bennington’s Net Worth as of 2018: $25 million

Read on to see how he got to where he is now.

1993 – 1998

Chester began singing in a band called Sean Dowdell and His Friends?. In 1993 they released a three-track cassette. Later Sean and Chester moved on and formed a new band Grey Daze. The post-grunge band released there albums. Chester left the band in 1998.

1998 – 2000

Bennington struggled to find or form another band and was ready to quit music. He was offered to audition with the future members of Linkin Park. He moved to California and had a successful audition with Xero, which was Linkin Park’s original name. The band faced numerous record deal rejections until they were signed with Warner Bros. Records.

2000 – 2004

Linkin Park’s first album Hybrid Theory and it was a major success. Chester shared being the lead vocalist with Mike Shinoda until his death in 2017. Linkin Park went on to be a huge success.

2005 – 2009

Chester started forming another band Dead by Sunrise while he was working on Linking Park’s album Minutes to Midnight. He said he wrote some songs he really loved but they wouldn’t fit into Linkin Park’s sound. The band toured with Linkin Park before putting out a full length album in 2009. The band is still active but have yet to put out a second album

2013 – 2015

A lifelong dream of Chester’s was accomplished when he became the front man for Stone Temple Pilots. He was the only unoriginal member of the band. The released their EP High Rise in 2013. He left the band in 2015 to focus on Linkin Park.


Unfortunately Chester took his own life and committed suicide in July of this year.


Chester Bennington is honored by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda with Post Traumatic EP.

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