A Man Threatened To Call The Cops On This Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand & She Wasn’t Having It

Summertime means a few things: spending the day at the pool, grilling out and cooling off with the help of a lemonade stand. Lemonade stands are a staple during American summers. It’s always fun to see kids get excited over a dollar. Oh, to be that na├»ve and innocent again.

Turns out that selling lemonade on your street is a crime in some people’s eyes. Well, just this one guy (hopefully!). Jasmine was selling lemonade at a stand just down the street from her house when a man pulled up to her and asked to see her business license. He then told her that he was going to call the police and pretended to be on the phone speaking with the police. Jasmine went home and starting sobbing, saying that she didn’t want to go to jail.

Her dad, Richard LaRouche, told KTUV that he said to her, “some people are just negative and are looking to bring others down.” He posted about the incident on Facebook and it went viral within their community. The next day, he encouraged her to do a second lemonade stand in their driveway.

It was a hit and she sold out of cookies and lemonade in a few hours.

I can’t believe someone would be that evil and try to shut down a kid’s lemonade stand, but in the end, Jasmine prevailed. As we know, revenge is a success even sweeter than lemonade.


Who Is Lindsay Shookus?
Who Is Lindsay Shookus?
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