This Couple Says They Can Climax By Hugging & We Are Confused

For the most part, orgasms are tricky and require patience, practice and sometimes just luck. Climax can be tough, but not for this couple, who experience 18-hour long, full body orgasms.

Melanie and Scott McClure have been married for eight years and can experience orgasms by completing mundane tasks like hugging or dancing together. The couple said that they are so ~connected~ that if they are in the same room and one of them orgasms the other will automatically orgasm as well without even touching.

Daily Mail

You may be thinking that they sold their soul to the devil to experience this kind of intense, long-lasting pleasure but they didn’t. They just practice tantric sex.

They live in a “heightened states of orgasm” and can climax by any of their senses, even taste or sound. The couple claimed they went camping with another tantric couple and Scott told the Daily Mail that they all had “orgasms from the lightning bolts outside.”

Daily Mail

The couple runs classes called “Ecstatic Hearts: where they teach others the ways of tantric and orgasming from the weather. They credit using the powers of the earth to help control and intensify their orgasms.

This seems great and all, but tiring as hell. Talk about an orgasm minefield.

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