This ‘SNL’ Writer Is Responding to Trump’s Tweets Like They’re Texts & LMAO

There has become an unofficial contest of sorts on who can reply to Donald Trump’s late-night tweets the fastest or with the cleverest retort — but one Saturday Night Live writer is taking a more gentle approach.

Josh Patten has taken to answering the president’s tweets like they’re personal texts, giving travel recommendations, sympathy, Netflix suggestions, and more.

“Proud to unveil my new, incredibly stupid project: Responding To Trump Tweets Like They Were Texts,” he tweeted Sunday (July 16) of the endeavor, to over 78,000 likes and 20,000 retweets. He also shared screenshots of a few of his favorite examples, which include him asking Trump to call him when his flight lands safely and saying “ugh, that sucks” in response to his latest poll numbers.

Of course, Patten failed to include some of his best tweets, which include him recommending Trump watch Stranger Things if he gets around to it and promising to read a link on trade deals in China “later.”

Judging by the amount of attention the “project” has received, people are gathering no end of amusement from this stunt — and for good reason. While Trump’s tweets amass thousands of replies, the vast majority of them are either heated or defensive. Now he has a friend — albeit a sarcastic one — looking out for him in the midst.

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