DeMario Jackson Once Asked Britney Spears Out In The Most Cringe-Worthy Way

Before DeMario Jackson was on The Bachelorette and before his controversial Bachelor in Paradise season he was just an aspiring actor waiting for his big break.

How did DeMario go about trying to get his name out there? Well, he did ask Britney Spears out on a date and low-key harassed her in a grocery store.

In a recently resurfaced video from January 2008, DeMario is shown approaching Britney and her then-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib in a Ralph’s supermarket. He yells at the pop singer, “Brintey, f*ck it, you need a black dude. Real talk!”

Britney Spears ew gif

Britney being the sweetheart that she is, laughed and agreed with him. I guess DeMario took this as a go-ahead to then pester Britney.

In the video, he ruthlessly begs her to write his number down. Instead of taking his number, she asks him what his name is, he replies, “My name is DeMario Jackson. I’m an up-and-coming actor… I want everybody to see me on TV. Real talk. You’re dope.”

He then gives her his MySpace URL (LOL) and asks for a hug.

where's my hug

EW, WHAT? So,┬áDeMario is that guy. Okay, gross. He asks her for a hug and puts his arm around her and Britney looks clearly uncomfortable. Doesn’t he know that Brit is pop royalty?

The video is a master class in how not to flirt. It’s truly cringe-worthy.

Little did DeMario know that in nine years he would be all over TV in a way that he probably didn’t want. Be careful what you wish for.


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