Channing Tatum Might Deliver Vodka To Your Door gallery

Channing Tatum is known for his many talents. He acts, he dances, he has an amazing smile and now, he also sells vodka. Channing has partnered Grand Teton Distillery to make his own vodka called Born and Bred. It’s an 80-proof potato vodka that “leaves a cool taste in your mouth.”

As a special surprise for vodka lovers in the Los Angeles area, Channing made home deliveries giving his fans the first taste of his vodka brand.

Let’s imagine: You’ve decided to order vodka online, because apparently alcohol delivery is a thing now and you’re in your pajamas with no plans of changing. You expect some irrelevant delivery boy but as you open your door, it is in fact Channing Tatum holding the bottle of vodka you ordered. What would you do? Freak out, like a few customers did? Keep it casual and invite him in for some shots? Or do you take a picture with the star even though you are pants-less?

According to Channing, there might have been one few too many F-bombs thrown around. “A few of you owe money to the swear jar,” he wrote on Instagram, along with the videos of his deliveries.

Now, before you pack up your life and move to LA, Channing is planning to take his delivery services cross country. He wasn’t all too specific about which city he planned to go to next. Who knows? Maybe yours will be the door Channing Tatum knocks on next.

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