You Are Never Going To Guess How Old This Man Is

Celebrities are usually the ones who don’t age. They have the access (and the money) to the best dermatologists and skin care in the world. Look at J.Lo, for instance. She just turned 48 and would still get carded at a bar. Us mere mortals can try and be ageless by getting a jump start on anti-aging skin care and just, in general, a good skin care regime.

If I hear one more girl tell me she has clear skin because she just drinks water and never washes her face, I’ll scream.

But when you see a regular person that has somehow defied the laws of time you can’t help but question, is it because of their skin care regime or just genetics?

For ChuanDo Tan it may just be a combination of both. Here’s a picture of ChuanDo. He’s super hot.

I wasn’t kidding! He’s so hot! ChaunDo is a fashion model and photographer. That’s not surprising considering how handsome he is.

How old do you think he is? Maybe in his 30s? Late 20s?

Look at his skin! And his muscles! There is no way he’s older than 35… Right?

WRONG. This mutant is allegedly 50 years old. That’s right! He’s 50!

He needs to leak his skin care routine RIGHT NOW. I swear if he says he doesn’t have one, I’m calling bullshit.┬áNo one looks like this without knowing how to properly wash a face.


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