This Fan Theory Says That Moana & Wonder Woman Are The Same Person

Fan conspiracy theories are the best and usually more creative than what actually happens in the movies. There are a ton of fan theories for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and any Disney movie.

The most recent fan theory that has been gaining lots of support is one that connects Moana and Wonder Woman. Well, “connects” is putting it lightly, this theory actually thinks Moana and Wonder Woman are the same person. The theory seems wild but there is a lot of support for it.

They both live on a tropical island, have overbearing parents, wear similar clothes and had close family members die. Moana’s grandma passed away and so did Wonder Woman’s aunt.

Moana and Wonder Woman also go on very similar journeys in their movies. They both have to leave the island where they grew up and it’s the only thing they know to fulfill their destinies and become warriors.

One fan took it so far as to match GIFs from Wonder Woman to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

The evidence is there! Now we just need a Moana and Wonder Woman crossover.


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