Adorable Couple Is Determined To Eat At Every Cracker Barrel

This couple is determined to fulfill their dream of eating at every Cracker Barrel in the United States.

Ray and Wilma Yoder have been working towards this goal for the last 40 years.

It all started when Ray’s job was driving across the country as a delivery man for Coachman recreational vehicles. He feel in love with the Old Country Story and so did Wilma.

The couple are almost done with their goal with only one Cracker Barrel left. The last store is in Tualatin, Oregon and they are going to visit it before the year ends.

Ray and Wilma have become sort of famous. They said that when they visit Cracker Barrels now they receive gift baskets and are asked for a photo op.

Cosmopolitan/Cracker Barrel

They’re so much part of the Cracker Barrel family that they have been invited tot he ribbon cutting ceremony of the grand opening of the newest store in Lavonia, Georgia.

That’s a lot of biscuits and gravy TBH.


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