Frank Ocean Wore This Anti-Discrimination Tee To A Music Festival & Now Everyone Wants One

Frank Ocean performed at Panorama, a New York City music festival, as a co-headliner last night (July 28) and while his performance is sparking rave reviews, his attire is also leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The 29-year-old singer walked on-stage in a white tee that read “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” in black lettering and everyone is applauding both the style and the sentiment.

His decision to wear the tee may be in reaction to Donald Trump’s tweets earlier this week that transgender people cannot serve in the military. A slew of celebrities, from Zendaya to Rowan Blanchard to Lady Gaga to Demi Lovato to Kim Kardashian have slammed the discriminatory ruling on various social media platforms, and Ocean’s shirt emphasizes the messages that many people have been stressing in response to the tweets.

If interested, you can purchase the tee (though it will likely sell out quickly) from Green Box Shop, an Afro-Latina owned business, for only $18.99. The designer, Kayla Robinson, is 18 years old and started the shop because she couldn’t find the kind of social justice attire she wanted to wear on the market.

“This shirt addresses how hate speech will not be tolerated by the ‘tolerant left,'” the product description reads.

It’s safe to say Robinson is pretty excited about the endorsement as well.

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