The IRL East High From ‘High School Musical’ Has Been Damaged In A Flash Flood

In heartbreaking news for the East High Wildcats — and for all of us who formed our expectations of high school romance on Zac Efron crooning Drew Seely’s voice at a New Year’s Even open mic night — the real-life East High from High School Musical has been damaged in a flash flood.

On Wednesday, heavy rain in Salt Lake City, Utah triggered a flash flood that damaged homes, schools, and our beloved Wildcats’ school.

KayCee Stroh, a HSM alum who played Martha Cox (who liked to pop and lock and jam and break when she wasn’t studying) took to Instagram to share the devastating news.

“Sad day at East High today,” she wrote, “A rain storm has triggered a flash flood and it is estimated that they have 2-3 million dollars in damage already!”

She also shared images of the basketball court and cafeteria, both flooded with water.

Hopefully everyone gets their head in the game to assist the school district with repairs and funding — especially since rumors of a High School Musical 4 have been circulating with the intensity of Troy struggling to choose between singing and basketball.

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