Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel Reprising Their ‘High School Musical’ Duet Is What I’ve Been Looking For

Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel reprised their “What I’ve Been Looking For” duet from High School Musical and in other news I’m suddenly wearing an Abercrombie Kids cropped sweater and listening to Rihanna‘s “Unfaithful” in my pink-and-brown bedroom next to my Jonas Brothers poster that I clumsily cut out of a magazine.

The duet is nostalgic and sweet and, if nothing else, indisputable proof that Sharpay and Ryan could have beaten Gabriella and Troy as leads in the coveted (but inexplicably controversial) Twinkletown Musicale (#JusticeForSharpay.) Grabeel did a new arrangement of the iconic HSM song and it’s much slower than their movie version — though not without flair.

The two also laughingly admitted in the video that they “hated each other” when they first met.

“We didn’t get off on the best foot,” Grabeel agreed with a grin.

Thankfully, they came around to one another and are still fast friends to this day.

Watch the video (and contemplate your mortality and the fleeting passage of time) below.


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