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M.A.C. Cosmetics Gave Away Free Lipstick This Weekend & The Lines Were Insane



When every national media outlet (ourselves included) picked up on the celebratory announcement that M.A.C. Cosmetics was giving away free lipstick — no catch — the world listened.

Yesterday (July 29) in honor of National Lipstick Day, the make-up brand gave away dozens of free lipsticks at their North America locations, and because the notion of a free tube of the $17 lipstick was so sweet, the lines were on par with the midnight release of a Harry Potter movie circa early 2000s.

Lipstick aficionados scrambled to get to M.A.C. stores and counters before they opened in the morning, resulting in lines winding around busy street corners, through crowded malls, and stretching far past make-up counters.

Of course, due to limited supply, not everyone who set their alarm to get a free lipstick was rewarded with one.

To those who were able to finagle a wild-colored lipstick, congratulations. To those of you who were not so fortunate…

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