A Bath And Body Works Candle Exploded & No One Knows Why








Bath and Body Works three wick candles are one of their staple products. When they have candle sales people go crazy.

But unfortunately one of their candles exploded. Yep that’s right it straight up exploded. Ashley Brawley, a women from Texas told news outlet NBC DFW that her vanilla Bath and Body Works candle exploded.

She said that she saw the candle flame getting larger and went to go blow out the flame. But when she blew on it the flame flared up instead of being extinguished and gave her first and second degree burns on her forehead, cheek, nose and lip.

Ashley’s husband Cody heard her screaming and saw what was going on. He attempted to put out the flame with water but it kept growing. So Cody grabbed oven mitts brought the candle outside and hosed it down and it exploded into a pieces.

The candle’s malfunction is so odd and unheard of. According to¬†Ashley’s at home security footage, the candle was burning within its burn time limit. It seems to be just a freak thing.

Bath and Body Works released a statement saying that they are working with the customer to solve the matter.

At least the candle didn’t explode inside the house.


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