Why Does Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Matter?

The wage gap has been talked about a lot in the media, but it is still a huge problem in the United States.

What a lot of people fail to mention is that the wage gap is significantly larger for women of color in comparison to white women. A black woman working full-time makes 63 cents for every dollar that a white man makes.

With those numbers in mind, that means black women are projected to lose more than $840,000 over a course of their career compared to a white man. That’s a ton of money, but what is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day? Today, July 31, is when a black woman’s pay catches up to a white man’s earnings from the previous year.

It takes black women 19 months to make what a white man makes in a year. This is unacceptable, especially because young black women are the most educated demographic group in the country, but are still most likely to live in poverty and be paid less.

It’s not like the wage gap is a secret. About 7 in 10 voters support policies that would fix the wage gap. It’s time politicians listen up and give black women the payday they deserve.

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