Taylor Swift & Hailey Baldwin’s Drama Is Starting Up Again Thanks To Instagram









Most of the time when Instagram updates, their new features are annoying and seemingly pointless. When Instagram gave users the ability to see which photos their followers liked simply by scrolling through their feed, I really thought it was no big deal. Oh, how naïve of me.

The feature lets you easily see when someone you’re following has liked a post. It’s so nice because it allows you to see celebrity’s likes without scrolling through an endless list. It is not as detailed as the notifications following tab but who is typically on that?!

Anyways back to the drama. A Swiftie Twitter account @trapsoulfenty crafted a tweet that blew up, which is strange because the account itself only has four tweets and 30 followers.


Since then, a meme Instagram account posted a screenshot of the tweet with a response.


This is some harmless trolling. But the kicker is that because of the blessed Instagram update you can see who has liked it at a glance and guess who liked the post? Hailey Baldwin. I don’t think she had butter fingers and accidentally double tapped on the mean meme about Taylor.

Taylor swift


This isn’t the first time Hailey has thrown shade at Taylor. A few years ago she said in an interview that she doesn’t understand Taylor’s squad. The model said she just has friends and doesn’t think a public squad persona is necessary.

shade nene

Maybe Hailey is just salty because she got left out of the squad and her BFFs Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were part of it. We all know now that Taylor’s squad has sort of disintegrated. With Kim Kardashian‘s #NationalSnakeDay read receipts on Taylor, Swift and Kendall are on the outs. And Lorde publicly claimed that she isn’t part of a “squad.”

It seems like Hailey’s dislike for Taylor runs deeper than just her #squad. I wonder what is at the root of all this drama?

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