Hailey Baldwin Boyfriends 2019: Who Is Hailey Dating Now?

Hailey Baldwin often receives recognition for being the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the famous Baldwin brothers, but she is actually much more than that. 2014 marked Hailey Baldwin’s debut on the runway, and since then she has become a modeling icon. When Baldwin isn’t busy struttin’ her stuff, she is often seen spending time with her best friends, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Between Baldwin’s hectic career, and busy social life, a boyfriend may seem out of the question for the 20-year-old model, yet somehow love interests have managed to weasel their way into her crazy life.

Chris Brown 2015

Hailey Baldwin was spotted hooking up with Chris Brown while the two both attended the Cannes Film Festival. Baldwin met the rapper while on a double date with celeb best friends Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. Baldwin claims that the two did not actually date, but they seemed to be a little too cozy to be “just friends.”

Luke Hemmings 2015

Lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings and Hailey Baldwin were caught on a date at Cipriani restaurant in New York City. Both parties shut down the idea of a relationship to the press, could it be a mutual agreement to keep things quiet or just a date gone horribly wrong?

Justin Bieber 2016

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If there was one relationship of Hailey Baldwin’s that stole the spotlight for a hot second, it was definitely this one. In early 2016, Baldwin and Bieber took over Instagram with numerous photos together seeming to be pretty cozy with one another. Baldwin met Bieber in 2011, giving the two a long history as friends before any romance sparked. Baldwin admitted that dating a superstar like Bieber was hard. Dating anyone in the industry can be challenging, but with the female attention that Bieber receives jealousy is inevitable. The relationship ended with Bieber deciding he did not want to be tied down while on tour.

Drake 2016

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Following the demise of Baldwin and Bieber’s relationship, Baldwin came back in full swing and began spending some alone time with Drake. Baldwin and Drake were spotted enjoying two separate dinner dates together. It was later found that Baldwin’s heart still belonged to Bieber, making it difficult for her to find herself in a new relationship.

Cameron Dallas 2017

Hailey Baldwin’s current relationship is speculated to be with Cameron Dallas. The American actor/model found his fame through the app Vine. The two worked together while shooting a fashion campaign for Carolina Herrera in Spain. Baldwin and Dallas were seen close to one another both on and off set. The couple attended Travis Scott’s birthday together on April 30 and were seen cozying up at the Met Gala on May 1.

Baldwin’s dating history seems to reveal that the young model likes to keep things casual while dating, even her most public relationship with Justin Bieber did not seem to be extremely serious. Her career is still blooming, so perhaps once she is comfortably settled in her career the perfect man will present himself.

Shawn Mendes 2018

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Hailey Baldwin is getting a little serious with Shawn Mendes as they are showing public romance. They haven’t confirmed anything yet, but the two have been spending some serious time together. Mendes just posted a photo of the two on his Instagram that is making fans believe they’re dating.

Justin Bieber 2018-Present

Baldwin deleted all of her photos of Mendes from her Instagram and then speculation started that she was back together with Bieber. The two were seen on vacation together in Miami in the early June 2018. There was no PDA on the trip, but it did start rumors.

Then the couple got back to New York City and PDA-ed it up in the big apple. They were photographed holding hands, kissing and seen being super cuddly. After the Fourth of July, the couple went on vacation to the Bahamas where Bieber proposed to Baldwin.

The two wed in September 2018 and Baldwin confirmed the news by switching her Instagram handle to @HaileyBieber. The two got married at a courthouse in New York City and are planning on having a religious ceremony with friends and family in 2019.

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