This Mom’s Makeup Fail Resulted In Using A Dead Fly As A False Eyelash

False lashes are not easy to put on. Applying them takes patience and practice. But before you even apply them you have to find the perfect lashes and then cut them down to the perfect length. Then the application requires tweezers, glue, a steady hand and a mirror. If you’re doing the single lashes be prepared to spend a good 20 minutes on application alone. If you’re doing a full set of lashes then get ready for a few trails and errors.

False lash fails aren’t a new thing. But most fails are because the lashes are too big, long or put on terribly wrong. But this false lash story beats out all of them. Molly Robbins shared on Twitter her mom’s horrifying false lash fail and it’s maybe the biggest fail of them all.

Molly’s mom was putting on her false lashes without her glasses because you can’t apply falsies with your glasses in the way. Because her mom couldn’t really see she didn’t realize instead of trying to apply a false lash she was actually trying to apply a dead fly to her lashes! That’s right a DEAD FLY.

In her mom’s defense the fly looks eerily similar to her false lashes, but still EW.

We are all screaming! This is seriously so gross. We all make mistakes, we all have those days, but this is just too much.


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