This Wine-Drunk Mom Mistook A Purse For A Puppy & We Have Lots Of Questions

Being wine drunk is different than being other types of drunk. You’re warm, giggly and everything is perfect. Hannah Murphy and her mother Jenny know exactly what I’m talking about. The two are huge winos. They love a chilled glass of rosé or a nice red at dinner.

Sometimes the wine gets the best of Jenny, but that’s happened to all of us! And being a wine mom is very in right now, so no judgement.

Hannah and her mom were at the restaurant La Lanterna in Yonkers, New York after a bike ride. They were drinking and eating. Hannah went to the bathroom and when she got back Jenny was holding her glass of sauvignon blac and gushing at the cute dachshund puppy at the table over.

But it wasn’t a dog Jenny was ogling at. It was a purse. In her defense, the purse strangely looks like a dog!

Hannah kept telling her mom that she couldn’t see the dog! Her mom was getting frustrated because it was right there. So Hannah got up and walked over to her mom to see from her viewpoint. That’s when she started laughing because her mom mistook a purse for a dog.

Oprah Truth

Twitter just about lost it. But in a weird twist, this isn’t the first time a bag was mistaken for a dog.

Why do dogs look like other things? Why do so many things look like dogs?

I don’t know if it was the sauvignon blanc’s fault or Jenny’s eye sight is really bad. Either way, I can’t unsee the dog in the photo.


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