Apparently Fidget Spinners Are Not A New Trend & Have Been Around Since 1800 BC

Fidget spinners are not a new thing apparently. They have been around since he good ‘ole BC days.

Arielle Pardes was at The University of Chicago’s The Oriental Institute Museum soaking in the world’s history and artifacts when she came across a clay “spinning toy with animal heads” from 2000-1800 BC.

She posted the ancient fidget spinner to Twitter and since then it has gone viral. The artifact does look like a fidget spinner. It’s shaped the same, except it doesn’t light up or has any cool features. It even has an indent in the middle where you hold the fidget spinner.

People are convinced that this clay “spinning toy” was an ancient fidget spinner.

But Kiersten Neumann, who is a research associate and curator at the Institute told BuzzFeed News that it’s not an ancient fidget spinner. It’s most likely a mace that has been mislabeled.

She backs up her claim by saying that the artifact was found in a temple where weapons like maces were kept because it’s a “weapon of the Gods” during that time period. She said that they’re going to update the label to say “mace.”

fidget spinner


But seriously the “mace” looks a WHOLE lot like a fidget spinner. The idea of a someone in a toga chillin with a fidget spinner is an hilarious image that I refuse to give up.


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