Jake Paul’s Controversy Continues With Recent Racist Remarks









Jake Paul needs to hire a PR manager because he has been making some serious headlines lately and not in a good way. The YouTuber has been in the spotlight recently for his un-neighborly antics, but now he’s under fire for making racist comments.

His neighbors are in the process of pursuing a class action lawsuit against him and the person he’s renting from because of the craziness he has caused in the neighborhood. They say that Jake has turned their neighborhood into a “living hell.” The final straw was when Jake and his buddies set furniture on fire in his backyard for a YouTube video. Apparently the flames were as tall as his house.

But now Jake is onto his next scandal. Jake had a run in with a fan from Kazakhstan. He has fans from all over the world thanks to his 9.3 million YouTube subscribers. But when Jake met the fan he immediately started making racists remarks.

When the fan told Jake where he was from he cut him off and said “It sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up.” Then continued to make terrorism jokes by mimicking his accent and saying “Send in the nuke.”


Ugh when is he just going to stop? I wouldn’t expect an apology vlog any time soon. When the former Disney Channel actor was asked about his neighbor situation on the news he said “There’s nothing we can do” about the situation. Then he dabbed on camera, said “What are those?” to the reporter and then him and his buddies climbed the news van.

Jake was also accused of emotional abuse from his social media star ex girlfriend Alissa Violet. When she posted a heartbreaking video about the reality of their relationship Jake responded by posting a music video called “It’s Everyday Bro” that calls Alissa out.

With his recent ~mutual~ departure from Disney Channel things are going very south very quickly for Jake. Posting racist videos on the internet are not going to help.


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