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Jake Paul is what millennial social media success looks like. The 20-year-old Ohio native started posting on Vine and now he’s a celebrity with millions of followers, 25 million total in fact. You’ve probably seen one of his videos, on Disney Channel or maybe one of the controversy’s he’s been a part of. Either way Paul is one of the original social media influencers. He has created a influencer empire compromised of a talent agency, influencer marketing management, acting and singing career.

Jake Paul’s Net Worth as of 2018: $4 million

Read on to see how he got to where he is now.



This was the year that Paul started posting to Vine. Vine was an app that looped six second videos. The platform gave people like Paul a challenge to record crazy stunts and jokes in only six seconds. He reached one million subscribers in five months, but he already had a built in fan base thanks to his brother Logan Paul an original vine star. Jake was featured in a lot of his vines.



Paul revamped his YouTube page – he’s been making videos since he was 10 years old – and posted for the first time of March this year. With a little over 8.5 million subscribers Paul’s YouTube is a huge money making machine for him. His most viewed video has over 70 million views. His channel has accumulated over a billion views total.



tIt was announced that Paul would be starring in Disney Channel’s new sitcom Bizaardvark. The show is now in it’s second season. Paul is the only Disney Channel star to have made it on to the channel based purely on social media influence. The whole show is about vloging so Paul is a perfect fit.



Paul and a few other social media stars created Team 10. A social media talent agency that is centered around creating content and raising their influencer status. Since the agency’s launch they have acquired new talent and created merchandise that fans can buy.



Paul kicked off this year by launching TeamDom, an influencer marketing management and creative agency that is focused on teen entertainment. He reportedly got $1 million in financing from well known investors. In that same month Paul attended a social media event at the White House and hid in the bathroom until the next morning. He then snuck out in the early hours and was never got. He filmed it all for his YouTube channel. But that wasn’t even the most watched video he had. Later this year he dropped some and video “It’s Everyday Bro” which received 60 million views in the first month and is the tenth most disliked video on YouTube. The video now has over 70 million views.


Jake Paul praised his brother Logan Paul following his high-profile return to YouTube after the suicide forest video scandal.

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