You Can Ask Kylie Jenner ANYTHING You Want On Her New Snapchat Series ‘Ask Kylie’

Kylie Jenner is king of Snapchat. She was one of the first celebrities to utilize the platform and was a trailblazer for others.

Kylie is the most followed person on Snapchat so it’s no wonder that Snapchat is launching their first Snapchat series with her.

Kylie’s Snap series “Ask Kylie” will be on E!’s Snapchat Discover page. She’ll be answering questions from fans and have guests on like her sisters, best friend Jordyn Woods and grandma MJ.

Each series will be sponsored by a brand. Kylie’s rep didn’t say which brands have signed on to become a sponsor, but I think FitTea is a good guess.

Kylie Jenner

The Snap series is to help promote Kylie’s new doc-reality show Life of Kylie. The show is similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashian‘s but it’s only focused on Kylie’s life, friends and business endeavors.

The reason behind her Snap series is to veer her Snapchat following to her new show. E!’s Discover posts already garner 10 million views, but with Kylie’s Snapchat powers the numbers are going to go through the roof.

“Ask Kylie” will launch August 12 and have an episode every Saturday for the five weeks. Life of Kylie, which premiers August 6, is already controversial. Kylie is being sued by an artist for stealing one of her designs for her shows logo.

Here’s to hoping the “Ask Kylie” logo is completely original.


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