Here’s Why Serena Williams Is Convinced She’s Having A Girl

Serena Williams is, without a doubt or question, the greatest athlete of all time. She’s not only a multi-talented sports superstar, she’s also a businesswoman, a model and a fashion designer, she’s also psychic.

Ok, not really. But Serena’s intuition might just be spot-on when it comes to the sex of her baby. Her reasoning is flawless.

In case you didn’t know, Williams is having a baby with her fiance, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. They’re an adorable couple.

Williams accidentally broke the news of her pregnancy via Snapchat and since then has been absolutely slaying the maternity style game and killing it on Instagram.

She also casually revealed that she won the Australian Open while she was pregnant. Same, Serena!

Ohanian recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and gave Kimmel a little insight into why Williams may also be adding psychic to her long resume. She has some predictions about her baby’s gender.

“We’re going to be surprised,” Ohanian said. “I will say this, though: We have our hunches.”

Serena’s hunch? It’s a girl.

“Obviously, she won the Australian Open while pregnant and she remarked that she feels like it has to be a little girl,” Ohanian told Kimmel. “Everything that little baby went through and handled like a champ, only a woman could be strong enough to take on.”

Serena Williams

Females are strong as hell. We’re hoping for a mini Serena, too.

In the past, Williams addressed the surprise of her baby’s gender after her older sister Venus slipped up and used a pronoun to describe the unborn child.

For now, the couple is sticking with a surprise reveal, but we’re pretty happy with their hunch and hoping it comes true.

If anything, no matter its sex, that baby is already more athletic than most of us. Congrats, Serena and Alexis!

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