Attention: Lindsay Lohan Has A Hot Little Brother

First came Austin Swift. Then there was Dylan Efron. Now there is a new hot brother-of-a-celebrity in town: Dakota “Cody” Lohan. That’s right, Lindsay Lohan has a super cute younger brother.

Cody Lohan is 21 years old and has been in the spotlight lately because of his modeling spreads in Vogue China and W. From his Instagram it’s easy to tell that he is very family oriented (#familyfirst is very prominent) and he has the cutest puppy ever (always a plus!!). Other than showing his cute face he also posts lots of amazing throwback pictures with Lindsay Lohan. Even though they have a ten year age difference, the two seem very close, from his Instagram at least.

His closeness with his family is also what inspired him to get into modeling in the first place. In an interview with W, he said:

“My family gave me the push. I am a student and a surfer — I’ve always put both of those interests first — but it was my family and their support that gave me the confidence to undertake modeling. We’ve always been in the spotlight, but some of us have chosen to live a more private life. I think there is a way to balance both and I like a challenge.”

You sound like a great guy, Cody, and we can’t wait to see more of you in the future. Oh, and Lindsay? If you have any other cute brothers you are hiding from us, please let us know sooner rather than later. Thanks!

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