TLC’s Iconic ‘Four Weddings’ Is Back With An Extra Awkward Twist

Remember that classic TLC show Four Weddings? It was the one where four strangers all got to go to each other’s weddings, rate the individual weddings in different categories and then, in the end, the wedding with the highest points got a free honeymoon. Ring a bell?

That whole concept in and of itself is a tad bit cringe-worthy but still acceptable. For the reboot, TLC decided to outdo themselves.

In the new season, the group of women in all the episodes are going to know each other. Messy! This makes the voting even more savage and makes it seem as if people are probably going to vote on the other person’s wedding not just for what the actual wedding is, but for whatever past baggage they have with each other. A show that is already based around pitting women against each other for the sole purpose of judging their big day is already not great. Potentially splitting up friendships over it just makes it that much worse.

TLC did the only thing possible to make this show even more cutthroat. Shouldn’t they all just be there to support each other on this special day?

“Each episode will feature four brides and shine a light on their friendships with each other — judging their weddings on different categories such as venue, food, originality and dress,” TLC said in a statement.

The show was already pretty awkward, so this twist will just make it even more cringe-worthy when friends compete against each other.

It is not like the show needs any more help in being cringe-worthy to begin with. Take a look at some awkward moments from the show in preparation for what is to come.

Get ready for much more drama on TLC, as if we needed it!

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