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Tom Hopper: 15 Sexiest Photos On the Internet


If you watched Game of Thrones season seven episode “The Spoils Of War” then you had to have noticed the hunky Lannister soldier talking to Jamie Lannister and Bronn before they were under attack from Daenery’s and the Dorthraki army.

game of thrones

Well turns out the hot soldier has a name, he’s Dickon Tarly. Yeah that hunk is Samwell Tarly’s youngest brother. Samwell Tarly is Jon Snow’s best friend from the Night’s Watch who is now training to be a maester. ┬áThere is NO family resemblance, but that is okay with me.

game of thrones

Dickon has been in previous episodes but he might look a little different because he was recast. The new Dickon is Tom Hopper and he is here to stay. Jon Snow may not be the hottest man in all seven kingdoms after all.


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Tom is from England and studied acting in college. Since he graduated in 2006 he has become ├╝ber popular in his native country and slowly becoming popular in the United States.

But outside of Game of Thrones the 32-year-old has been in popular TV shows and movie before like Merlin and Doctor Who. Most notably he plays Billy Bones on Black Sails.

When he isn’t acting Tom is busy posting hot shirtless selfies on Instagram along with cute snaps of his baby boy Freddie. He is married to English actress Luara Hopper, but we can still look at his hottest photos.

Click through the gallery to see his hottest Instagram posts.


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