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These Women Got The Ultimate Revenge On A Man Who Tried To Book Six Dates In One Night


Twitter: @LisettePylant

Last night’s finale of The Bachelorette has me extremely bitter about men and their intentions (THANKS, PETER!), so if there’s one thing that can cure my post-finale emotional hangover, it’s a story of women working together and getting revenge on a man who didn’t deserve any of them.

Thank God for Lisette Pylant because she gave me that story. #GirlPower.

Pylant, a resident of Washington D.C., shared her crazy story on Twitter and it immediately went viral.

It all began with a first date.

Before it even began, the date was a dud.

Luckily, Lisette was prepared to make the best of the situation.

Little did she know the situation she’d be dealing with.

Turns out this guy DOUBLE BOOKED his dates.

Talk about awkward.

It gets worse.

Thank you for the Bachelor reference, Lisette. And thank you for leaving him with the bill. Boy, bye!

Narrator voice: But it was not the end.

Lisette is officially the most popular girl ever. Lisette for president!

And thankfully, Lisette was kind enough to extend the invite.

And we’re so happy that these ladies are looking at the bright side.

If there was ever a girl gang to root for, it’s this one.

Though Bryan may have won The Bachelorette, Lisette won at life. All is right in the world once again.

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