‘Broad City’ Is Releasing Some Very On-Brand, NSFW Merch









What is more on-brand than a TV show about two sex positive, inclusive girls releasing a line of sex toys?

Broad City is doing just that. In collaboration with the sex toy retailer Lovehoney, they have released a line of 14 sex toys that have some reference to the show.

These toys include the “pegasus” pegging kit, “nature’s pocket” kegel balls, which also can store your weed like Ilana does on the show and a lipstick vibrator in mint green that Ilana has on the show.

This is the second mainstream TV show/movie that has released a line of sex toys. The first was Fifty Shades of Grey in collaboration with Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford, who worked with them to create their line.

About the new Broad City line, Slateford said that the question these days isn’t whether or not young women are using sex toys but more which sex toys they are using. Because Broad City talks about sex and masturbation so often, it would just make sense that they would release their own line of sex toys.


Of the differences between the two sex toy lines Slateford noted:

“We know we have these ‘considerers’, and they need something to give them permission to guy buy a sex toy. For the younger demographic, that is it. Two years ago, for the slightly older demographic, it was Fifty Shades of Grey. That gave a load of middle age women permission to say ‘Yes I will go buy some nipple clamps’. Broad City is for the younger demographic, but it is giving them permission to try.”

Slateford also noted that this line in particular just makes so much sense with the show because it normalizes a range of sexual experiences. They are giving people the ability to get excited about butt plugs and kegel balls, not just dildos and vibrators.

Some of the products have already sold out on the website, but others are still for sale.

Pull out your credit card, go to Love Honey and get ready to feel as sexually liberated as Ilana and Abbi.

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