Jennifer Lawrence Is On The Cover Of Vogue & People Are Not Happy

Anyone who remotely follows fashion knows that the September issue is the most important and whoever graces the cover is a big deal. The September cover for Vogue is a coveted spot and signifies a moment of “Wow I made it.”

Anna Wintour

To many people’s dislike Jennifer Lawrence is on this years Vogue September cover. The actress got four different covers to commiserate Vogues 125th anniversary. She is also the only person to ever be a September covergirl twice.

That’s right TWICE. J-Law was on the September 2013 cover of Vogue. People are not pleased about her covergirl status. Mostly because she hasn’t been doing much and they don’t think she is “iconic” enough to have two September issue covers.

Jennifer has a movie Mother coming out soon, but still lots of actress have movies releasing soon. It’s pretty certain that the press for Jennifer’s Oscar run is starting once again. Vogue is known to be iconic and giving into Oscar run publicity is the opposite.

Some critics were just upset that someone else wasn’t on the cover. Jennifer already had her September issue let someone else have theirs. Honestly I totally think Céline Dion deserved the cover too.

Actually lots of people think it should have been Céline.

Here’s to hoping next year is more iconic than this cover star. No shade to Jennifer, but you already had your turn.


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