Rude Teens Didn’t Tip Their Waitress Because They Didn’t Like Her Makeup

In the year of 2017 being makeup-shamed is a real thing.

It’s when someone shames you or makes fun of you for your makeup. It can be about how much makeup you’re wearing, how little, how good it looks or how bad it looks. It really doesn’t matter to the shamers because they’re just looking to criticize anything.

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Kelsi who is a waitress and aspiring makeup artist posted on her Instagram a terrible story about how she got makeup-shamed while waitressing.

In her post she shared how these two teen girls came into the restaurant and were seated in her section. She was a great server but when the check came things took a turn for the worst. When Kelsi came back to pick up the check the girls demanded to speak to the manager because didn’t have enough money to pay for the bill.

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Kelsi got her manager and the girls complained how Kelsi never told them how much their bill would be before they ordered. Do they not know that prices are on the menus? The girls demanded a discount and when the manager refused they pulled out a credit card to pay the bill in full.

But the drama doesn’t stop there. When the girls paid their bill they didn’t leave a tip for Kelsi instead they wrote, “Here’s a tip: Contour is supposed to BLEND.”

Kelsi posted the receipt and a selfie of her makeup to her Instagram to show how ridiculous these makeup-shamers were. She started her caption with “When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup, good thing I know me #makeup was #flawless today.”

Do these girls think they’re Kendall Jenner? Tipping is a must when eating out.


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